Introducing the World's Smallest Gimbal Stabilizer - the StayblCam 1X

by Eskil Nordhaug November 30, 2016

We're extremely excited to introduce our latest addition to our stabilizer family. The StayblCam 1X is the world’s smallest gimbal stabilizer! Not only is the 1X suitable for handheld use – but you can also mount the StayblCam 1X to pretty much anything you want, including the original StayblCam for some serious level stability.

Practical applications include mounting to a bike, motorcycle, helmet, and much more. This one-axis stabilizer always remains horizontal, and has zero noise emission from its ultra-silent brushless motors. 

one axis gimbal car bicycle motorcycle stabilizer

Watch the brand new video here;

StayblCam 1X - World's smallest gimbal stabilizer for iPhone, GoPro, Android

Key features and benefits

  • The world’s smallest and most lightweight gimbal stabilizer ever created. Weighing in at just 6 ½ ounces, and 2 ¾ inches in diameter 
  • One-axis stabilization ensures that the unit always remains horizontal
  • Features an AI (artificial intelligence) controller unit, which can “learn” and constantly improve the motion based on a user’s movements
  • Fully automatic calibration technology using highly advanced algorithms, extending battery life while at the same time, improving stability and and motion
  • Up to 3 hours of continuous use on one charge
  • Completely silent, high quality, brushless motors for zero noise emission
  • Built-in action camera mount (compatible with any GoPro mount), making it suitable for mounting on helmets, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles.
  • Works equally well for handheld use with the already popular StayblCam video stabilizer, or for mounting on handheld poles or similar.
  • Easy to use, requiring no control or manual adjustments

Click here to pre-order your StayblCam 1X today.
This product ships on December 15th, with FREE shipping in the U.S.

Eskil Nordhaug
Eskil Nordhaug


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