How To Use the StayblCam...
How To Use the StayblCam...

Follow these 3 simple steps - then watch the instruction video below

For Best Results:
1)    First, balance the StayblCam HORIZONTALLY – with your phone or camera attached
2)    Then place it upright, and let your fingers underneath GENTLY support and guide it, giving you full control
3)    Keep it a bit away from your body, but relax your wrist and elbow for flowing movements
Please watch the following video to get the best results with your StayblCam:

There is a “right way” and “wrong way” to use the StayblCam.

Having Problems?
Here is how you can resolve them...

PROBLEM: My StayblCam wobbles from side to side...
SOLUTION: Make sure to horizontally balance your unit before using it upright. If your StayblCam falls to one side when you hold it horizontally - it means there is too much weight on either the top or bottom. Adjust by moving either end until the StayblCam stays horizontal, then try again.

PROBLEM: The video I recorded looks jerky and jittery, what is wrong?
SOLUTION: This will happen if you are gripping the unit too hard, or your wrist, elbow, or shoulder are too stiff. Make sure to relax your hand and your arm as much as possible so that your whole arm feels "loose". Think of the StayblCam as an extension of your arm. It should move loosely and freely. If you hold it too firm or stiff - movements from your body will transfer to the camera, and make the video more jerky.