Become a StayblCam Brand Ambassador / Spokesperson
Become a StayblCam Brand Ambassador / Spokesperson

Do you have a large following online or offline? Do you regularly create video or blog content that is seen by many people? Are you passionate about video - and would like to be a spokesperson for video tools such as the StayblCam for your target audience? 

Then you would probably be an excellent fit for our brand ambassador / influencer program - and we want to talk you (click here to contact us)!

What is a brand ambassador?

Quite simply - a brand ambassador is a spokesperson or sponsor for a brand that helps to bring more awareness, buzz, and eventually sales to a company or product. In our case, we are looking for motivated people who can help us promote the StayblCam brand throughout the internet - and even offline.

An ideal brand ambassador will do things such as:

  • Generate interest online (and offline if possible) about the StayblCam
  • Create engaging content seen by an audience interested in active lifestyles, technology, and photo / video gear
  • Carry and use the StayblCam out in public, into the streets, to events, and other places where many people can see it.

What's in it for you?

  • You will get at least one StayblCam unit for free (possibly more if you are a team)
  • Free accessories and addons when they are available
  • Early-bird news on availability on upcoming product launches, sneak previews, samples, etc.
  • The option to earn an above-average commission rate on sales

Who can become a StayblCam ambassador?

We will consider all applicants equally - but we do have a few requirements that we prefer that you meet:

  • If you are most active on YouTube - you should be a frequent poster with at least 10,000 subscribers, and 2,500 average views on your most recent videos.

  • If you are most active on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest - you should be a frequent poster with at least 10,000 real followers

  • If you have a podcast or blog, or perhaps you're a writer/contributor to a popular blog/site - the following should be in the thousands as well, but we can look at each case individually to make our decision.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today - and let's see how we can work together!