About Us
About Us

Who we are - and how the StayblCam was born

The StayblCam was invented by Norwegian-born Eskil Nordhaug, who saw a need for a proper video stabilizer for smart phones and GoPro cameras. When he couldn't find a good product like this to buy for himself, he decided to create one. Eskil built the first StayblCam prototypes in his garage from scrap pieces of wood and plastic. The first prototype worked quite well, so he started drawing up parts for a more proper version that could potentially be manufactured and sold.

After receiving the professionally fabricated parts, he had a limited set of promotional units built by hand - and it was time to show the world the StayblCam for the first time! In the spring of 2014, tech blogs, news sites, and television stations quickly caught interest in the product - and so did the large community of smart phone owners and photo- and video hobbyists.

In the summer of 2014, the StayblCam launched on Kickstarter.com - mainly to see if there was enough true interest from people wanting to buy the product, and also to secure funding for full manufacturing. The crowd funding campaign was a big success, with over 1200 units pre-ordered in 30 days, and over $123,000 USD raised for manufacturing and further development.

Our goal

Our goal is to help people record better looking video, without jittering and shaking so often seen in hand-held recordings from smart phones and compact action cameras. The StayblGear line of products will benefit anyone who wants to improve video quality and stability - but will also be priced affordably, unlike many other stabilization products that often cost much more.

Company location and address

We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona - while our manufacturing facility is in California. The StayblCam is Made in the USA!

For written correspondence (not shipping returns), write to;


StayblGear LLC
10575 N 114th Street - Suite 103
Scottsdale AZ 85259


You can write to us directly via e-mail, or reach out to us via social media as shown below: