4 Easy Video Ideas To Make With This Waterproof GoPro Gimbal

by StayblCam Team August 25, 2020

Whether you’re starting out as a new videographer, shooting your own videos, or a seasoned pro, a waterproof GoPro gimbal is a must tool for shooting silky smooth footage. 


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Waterproof GoPro Gimbal Video Ideas and StayblCam Benefits 

a man is using gimbal to recording in the forest | Waterproof GoPro Gimbal Video Ideas and StayblCam Benefits | 4 Easy Video Ideas To Make With This Waterproof GoPro Gimbal

Action videos are ever-present on social media, and so gimbals have become more popular with a wide range of people. Snowboarders, surfers, bikers, swimmers, and every other sportsperson in between love using a waterproof GoPro gimbal, and for a good reason. The tool is a fantastic way to capture high-paced action video at incredible angles.

If you’re not familiar with a gimbal, it’s a device that is used to hold GoPros, cameras, and even phones; the purpose of which is to hold the electronic device steady and make it easier to capture video, and pictures, much easier.

It can be overwhelming to find and compare handheld waterproof GoPro gimbals, particularly on the internet, because of the different features and prices. Some are simply not worth buying. 

Although there are other video stabilizers on the market today – almost all of them still have a few shortcomings in terms of what they can and cannot be used for. High-end camera stabilizers are not at all suited for smartphones or compact video cameras like the GoPro, and most people cannot afford to spend several hundred, or sometimes thousands of dollars on this type of equipment. 


StayblCam Waterproof GoPro Gimbal Features

Fully Compatibility

The StayblCam waterproof GoPro gimbal is not just right for the GoPro, but it’s compatible with more phones and other types of cameras than any other competitor. It works with all phones, action cameras, VR, 360 cameras, and even small compact cameras and tablets! It’s truly unique, working even with foldable phones.



Unlike most of its competitors, the StayblCam waterproof gimbal is, well…, fully waterproof. It can handle all the weather elements and can be used underwater.


Wide Reach

It has a wide reach, so it’s easy to shoot video low to the ground or up high, which won’t turn out all shaky.


Easy to Use

Many competing stabilizers are also not that easy to operate for the average consumer. People must often spend some time adjusting a balance point with counterweights, levers, or screws. The StayblCam was designed from the ground up to be extremely easy to use for anyone, and it won’t be prone to problems like wind affecting balance.


No Batteries

Because the StayblCam waterproof GoPro gimbal doesn’t use batteries at all, there’s no need for charging or worrying about being unable to video all day long.



This gimbal features a patented collapsible design and so is easy to travel with, easy to take on outings, and is compact for easy storage.



The StayblCam waterproof GoPro gimbal is well built, sturdy, and high grade. It’s made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. If you do change your mind about the purchase, StayblCam offers change-of-mind easy returns.



The StayblCam waterproof GoPro gimbal is affordable and reasonably priced (at only $74.95), considering all the fantastic features and benefits.


Easy Videos to Make with a Waterproof GoPro Gimbal

Although StayblCam waterproof GoPro gimbals are totally fine when exposed to water, make sure your video equipment is 100% waterproof before trying these video ideas. If your device is not waterproof, you can always look at buying a compatible waterproof case.


Pool Party

Although summer is nearly over if you’re lucky enough to have warm weather and a pool, get your friends and family over for a pool party video shoot, tell them in advance so they can dress to impress or put on funny swim attire. Stand or tread water (if you’re a strong swimmer) in the center of the pool and using your waterproof GoPro gimbal, do a 360-degree pan of all your guests. You can either film them naturally or get them to rehearse an action to make the video more entertaining and livelier.


Pouring Rain

a girl relax on the pool and sunbath - CA  | Pool Party  | 4 Easy Video Ideas To Make With This Waterproof GoPro Gimbal

Filming in hard rain can make a video more dramatic, and it can be an excellent opportunity to capture footage that not many others get because they would otherwise run in from the wet. Using your waterproof gimbal at a low level and try to capture reflections in the surface water. 



Filming underwater offers scenery that not everyone can experience first-hand. If you’re able to get to a beach with calm waters, ideally somewhere with coral, you can use your long reach gimbal to film yourself underwater. It’s also a good chance to get a close-up video of marine life that might shy away from humans. Be sure to not scare or interfere with anything living, including coral.



Filming snow scenes provide your video with a picturesque backdrop. Your durable waterproof gimbal can be used to film sports like snowboarding and skiing from a selfie point of view or otherwise. Alternatively, try to capture some footage of it snowing at night, where you can use flashlights or lanterns to light up the snow.  


Summary of Benefits

  • No Batteries, or charging
  • Easy to use – full control of tilt, pan, and angles.
  • Fully compatible with more phones than any other competitor
  • Collapsible and compact for travel and storage.
  • Affordable.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Fast shipping – 1-2 days. 


StayblCam Team
StayblCam Team


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