December 1st update on StayblCam shipments

by Eskil Nordhaug December 01, 2016

I would like to once again extend my apologies to those of you who may still be waiting for their StayblCam to be delivered. If you are still waiting for your unit - please rest assured that we WILL make sure that your order gets fulfilled. Our manufacturer is producing, and our fulfillment center guys are shipping as quickly as they can. We do ship orders out daily now, and our entire team is doing all we can to take care of every single one of you.

I fully understand that waiting for a product can be frustrating. But at the same time I also want you to know we are determined to follow through. No customer will be left behind. We have also become way more available via customer service - and our response time has significantly improved! :) Please contact us any time for questions or concerns at either 1-800-208-1406,, or through our live chat. We never use chat robots, and you will always speak to a REAL human. :)

We - the entire StayblCam team - deeply appreciate your continued support, and the patience you have shown with us as our company is seeing big growth.

But not a day goes by without me being thankful for you - our customers - being part of the StayblCam story. A story that started only a couple of years ago with an idea and a dream, and my persistence to bring this product into the hands of everyone!

Thank you for sticking by us. We are trying our very best here and will not let you down.
Eskil Nordhaug - StayblCam Creator & CEO

Eskil Nordhaug
Eskil Nordhaug


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