We are now on PeriScope - Follow us at @StayblCam

by Eskil Nordhaug September 11, 2015

Have you heard of PeriScope? It's a new social media service from Twitter - but it allows any user anywhere in the world to broadcast live video at any time.

@StayblCam is now also on PeriScope, and we would LOVE for you to follow us! As we build our audience, we will increasingly begin to broadcast cool content there - including things like live factory visits, live demos of the StayblCam and new products, live sessions with StayblCam creator Eskil Nordhaug and more!

So get your PeriScope app for either iOs or Android today, and start following @StayblCam ! :)

Already a Periscope broadcaster?

Let us know - and we will follow you! And remember - the StayblCam itself is an awesome tool for holding your phone steady while filming your live broadcasts. ;-)

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Eskil Nordhaug
Eskil Nordhaug


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