New HTC Re Action Camera is Fully StayblCam Compatible

by Eskil Nordhaug October 09, 2014

Some say the new action camera from HTC, the "HTC Re", looks like the periscope of a submarine - or perhaps an asthma inhaler. But don't judge this book by its cover. The HTC Re packs a powerful punch in a very compact little camera, designed to be a more accessible and easy to use competitor to the already well-known GoPro.

The HTC Re can also be used with the StayblCam, so you can get those smooth and perfect looking action shots when using these two products together!

Here is a what a white StayblCam fitted with the HTC Re looks like:

You can learn more about the HTC Re here, and pre-order your StayblCam today here (shipping worldwide at the end of October).

Eskil Nordhaug
Eskil Nordhaug


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