Worldwide StayblCam Delivery Scheduled for October!

by Eskil Nordhaug September 08, 2014

Hey everyone!
We finally have some real news regarding our delivery schedule again! The manufacturing process can seem tedious and long at times, and I know that some of you have expressed concerns about when we will actually begin to ship out the StayblCam units that you pre-ordered.

Again – I can personally assure you that we WILL see it through to make sure EVERYONE who has ordered a StayblCam WILL receive their StayblCam! :-)

We want to remain as transparent and honest with all of our customers all along the way, and that everything we tell you about our progress is the truth. No cover-ups or white lies here.

As Kickstarter-projects go, we are still doing very well - as the majority of Kickstarter projects based on physical products often get delayed up to 6 months or more. So with that being said, I am very proud of how smooth everything has gone without any serious setbacks.

There are two main reasons for the current delay in schedule:

1) Change of production facility. Around a month ago, an unforeseen event at our original manufacturing facility forced us to move manufacturing over to another company. The transition actually went pretty smoothly, considering events like that could have caused a more major setback. This was however not he main reason for the current delay.

2) Adjustments to the new mobile adapter, causing wait times in cutting of steel mold and added iterations of test prototypes. I personally feel this is the most critical component that we need to get right, and thus – getting it right has taken a bit more time. The original StayblCam prototype had a different shaped mobile phone adapter – using a different grip material. This shape and material is not suited for mass production, and also needed improvement. I am a firm believer in doing something right from the beginning – versus trying to rush out something that only “kind of” works. The StayblCam’s new and improved mobile adapter MUST function 100%, and we are now extremely close to achieving just that. :-)

Updated production schedule

Here is what our schedule looks like as of today, Monday, September 8th:

• Finalize fulfillment agreements and logistics for domestic and international shipping, September 15

• Plan out all steps in the assembly and quality assurance process, September 20 • Tooling process for the new plastic mold, expected completion mid- to late September

• Mold final test runs and tweaks, September 23 – October 6

• First units being molded and assembled. Boxes packed and ready for shipping, mid- to late October.

Here are some neat production and engineering drawings from the mold making process, which has already been underway for some time:



So there you have it. Your StayblCams will ship out by the last few weeks of October, a little over one month from today.

I really, really appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we all wait for the process to get closer to complete.

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support!
Eskil Nordhaug - Creator/CEO, StayblCam

Eskil Nordhaug
Eskil Nordhaug


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