The StayblCam Is Great For Wedding Videographers - Here’s Why

by StayblCam Team September 29, 2020

Wedding ceremonies, couples, and their family/friends are happy and in high spirits time for couples, but can be a nightmare for wedding videographers. 

The bride’s dress is whooshing beautifully, the scene is set brilliantly, and you’re aiming for a perfect dreamy scene, and … boom, the photographer just stepped into your shot for the 10th time!

But wedding videography can be satisfying and enjoyable, especially with the help of the StayblCam!


In this article:

  1. Flexible Movement 
  2. Fast Operation
  3. Stable Motion
  4. No Charging Required
  5. Waterproof, Durable, and Rugged
  6. Fully Compatible

6 Reasons The StayblCam Is Great For Wedding Videographers:

Flexible Movement 

a guy holding gimbal and camera in the wedding ceremony | Flexible Movement | The StayblCam Is Great For Wedding Videographers - Here’s Why


Sometimes, wedding videographers may want a high viewpoint to capture the whole crowd. The StayblCam can bring your screen up over your head (up to 2-3 feet (60-90 cm)) to record a view that people will envy.  

Just let your thumb and index finger control the easy-to-use gyroscopic grip action handle of the StayblCam. It can capture pretty much any angle you want, which are not easily achieved with traditional stabilizers - they constrict videographers to a horizontal view only.

Want to capture kids running around the wedding ceremony? Record low-to-the-ground because the StayblCam can even work upside down. It will give you cool low-glide shots that are perfect for recording happy, smiley kids at the wedding. 

Fast Operation

Have you ever struggled to carry your bulky 3-leg tripod through corners, corridors, and other places during the wedding? It does not look good! At the same time, you’ve probably seen a flustered videographer squeezing his clunky gears through a church door while everyone’s already left!

Just 11 inches in length and approximately 1 pound (450 grams) when collapsed, the StayblCam is exceptionally portable, light and can fit nicely in your backpack’s compartments.

Before the wedding date, sit down to talk with the engaged couple to know their videos’ expectations. Will there be any surprises or staged choreographed dances you need to know about? Being ready to capture these moments will make your wedding videography stand out.

With such advantages in size and operational features, the StayblCam is a fantastic piece of kit to help wedding videographers capture these special surprising moments of the wedding. 

Stable Motion

Picture this familiar scene: a tiny hotel room with the entire wedding reception, family members, hairstylists, and makeup artists. It means there is not much space for wedding photographers to work, and when they have to, they have to move fast without having any unwanted camera motion. 

Stabilization is one of the most critical factors wedding videographers should keep an eye on, especially with going handheld gears like a tripod, monopod, gimbal, glide cam, slider, etc. Admit it: there’s nothing worse than a shaky video. 

The firm grip of the StayblCam smartphone adapter solves the stabilization problem with its unique design feature. Your phone is ensured to be held tight in place while filming. Say goodbye to phone/camera dropping when recording wedding videos.


No Charging Required

newlywed feeling happy in their wedding party | No Charging Required | The StayblCam Is Great For Wedding Videographers - Here’s Why

In wedding ceremonies, some moments happen only once, and the job of wedding videographers is to capture these with extra attention and agility. Most of the time, the gears are used all day long, so batteries and chargers are always in the gear bag. 

Most video stabilizers are powered by batteries and need recharging every few hours of use. Needless to say, it is very awkward to tell the couple to hold off on tossing the bouquet because your batteries died. Wedding videographers have seen this happen at least a few times. 

With the StayblCam, everything is fully mechanical and electric-free. No electronic components and no batteries translate to no recharging and recording for days on end. 

Waterproof, Durable, and Rugged

Young couples often take it creatively in terms of location. Surfing waves, scuba diving, snowboarding, etc. any weather condition can be the “office” for wedding videographers.   

Made in the USA from impact-resistant and strong, stainless materials, the StayblCam can get smooth looking shots notwithstanding harsh weather conditions, unlike other fragile, battery-powered gimbal stabilizers that are sensitive to scratching and parts coming off after extensively heavy use. 

Another competitive edge of the StayblCam is being waterproof. It is the only video stabilizer that can take underwater footage. Wedding videographers don’t have to worry about rust or damage as wherever the water goes; the StayblCam goes with you!

Fully Compatible 

When working with smartphones, wedding videographers should consider the compatibility of their stabilizers. 

High-end camera stabilizers often unsuited for compact video cameras like the GoPro®. Yet many people spend several hundred, even thousands of dollars on that equipment. StayblCam offers excellent compatibility, far better features, and is priced at only $74.95.

The StayblCam is compatible with virtually any camcorder and camera weighing up to 450 grams (1 lb), namely the GoPro Hero, Contour as well as iPhone, LG, Samsung, etc. (add-ons for heavier DSLR cameras is coming out soon. Stay tuned for more details on our blogs and social media). 

Just simply unscrew the top mobile adapter. The StayblCam makes it easy for wedding videographers to mount any cameras with a standard ¼” tripod screw hole. You’re ready to go once you lock your device. 

Unsure if your backup phone case can fit the StayblCam, get this universal adapter. Mount your phone vertically and record in your usual horizontal mode. The StayblCam balance just perfectly. Also, our 360 Degree Pivot allows you to do vertical mode (or any angle) with other cameras.



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