The Top Camera Stabilizer for Filming Tik Tok Videos

by Shop Team October 14, 2020

Tik Tok videos are wonderful thanks to fantastic smartphone technology, and, more importantly, with the help of the StayblCam - the top Tik Tok gimbal.  

While most gimbals have their limitations, the StayblCam is extremely versatile with no apps to set-up, full compatibility, endless filming with no battery, solid build, portable design, and is the ultimate shake-killer.


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  1. Extremely Versatile
  2. No Apps Set-up - Fully Compatible
  3. No Battery - Endless Filming
  4. Solid Build - Portable Design
  5. The Shake-Killer

5 Reasons Why the StayblCam Is the Top Tik Tok Gimbal

Extremely Versatile

Experimenting Angles

Ticktockers are creative. They often come up with new ideas and love experimenting with things. And very often, this means experimenting with different perspectives. 

Thanks to StayblCam, you’re now able to make upside-down videos! Record small creatures, moving pets, or children by maneuvering your camera low-to-the-ground while maintaining an excellent stability quality. You can also film high above crowds of people as the StayblCam can be stretched out to capture heights of 3 feet above your head. 


Filming Vertically

One more prominent feature that gives the StayblCam a competitive edge over other gimbals on the market is that it allows vertical filming mode. 

According to one study, more than 75% of video viewing is on mobile devices. In addition, 94% of the time, smartphone users hold their phone vertically. Social media like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram also play roles in the rising trend of vertical videos, especially when it comes to stories and selfies. 

With the StayblCam and the 360 Degree Pivot’s flexible pivoting head, you can freely twist and lock your camera to capture those beautiful plants or product shots in vertical mode. The 360 Degree Pivot works well with the StayblCam or any other tripods and equipment with a 1/4" screw hole.

You won’t miss the fun of filming vertical TikTok videos at those “hard-to-get” positions with the StayblCam.

Get one step closer to becoming a Tik Tok phenomenon with the help of the StayblCam. Your top Tik Tok gimbal is extreme versatility, wonderfully adaptable, extremely durable, and incredibly stabilizing!

No Apps Set-up - Fully Compatible

Girl dancing and making fun pose while sister films her | No Apps Set-up - Fully Compatible | The Top Camera Stabilizer for Filming Tik Tok Videos

Many gimbals require an initial app set-up, and this takes time! They’re good lightweight camera stabilizers, foldable built and highly customizable, but their app set-up discourages many users. 

Another problem with gimbals is compatibility ranges. Most products are compatible with a wide range of phones, but because they require app set-ups, a camera stabilizer may not read certain types of phones. 

The StayblCam solves these problems efficiently. It can work great with any camera or camcorder (up to 450 grams (1 lb) in weight) like the GoPro, Contour (and other action cameras) - as well as with Samsung, iPhone, LG, or any other smartphone you have.

Being battery-less and non-electronic, the StayblCam takes no more than a few minutes to unscrew the top mobile adapter and mount any camera/smartphone fitted with a standard ¼” tripod screw hole. It’s fast and easy-to-use, simple as that. 

No more difficult app set-ups and compatibility issues. Everything works the moment you attach the StayblCam to your smartphone. 

If you’re unsure your backup phone case can fit the StayblCam, get this universal adapter

No Battery - Endless Filming

Battery-run is a prominent feature of most gimbals. Battery life can range anywhere from mediocre 2 hours to a superb 15 hours of consecutive use. Yet batteries can set certain limits to gimbals, especially ones for Tik Tok filming purposes.

The exploding growth of Tik Tok equals thousands of cool videos published every day. To have one single video, Tik Tok users have to make a couple or even a hundred trial ones before having their final products. This means hours and hours of filming to post-production editing.    

The total production duration can take longer than 10 hours, sometimes up to a day of nonstop working. That’s when almost every phone gimbal out there needs charging. 

With the StayblCam: no batteries, no re-charging! Everything is mechanical. Stop worrying about the battery life of your Tik Tok gimbal. Mount your phones and start recording for days on end. 

Solid Build - Portable Design

The trend in cell phone gimbal construction is a plastic build, which is believed to make the gear lightweight and able to fit nicely into a compact package. This may sound tempting because lightweight is the top concern of vloggers when evaluating a Tik Tok gimbal. However, being built of plastic makes most gimbals fragile and not durable against damage or extensive use. 

Tik Tokers want to stand out. They may take videos underwater, in extreme weather conditions, etc. The video gimbal for Tik Tok videos must be durable and rugged enough to function well in those conditions.

Unlike other fragile materials in the market, the StayblCam features impact-resistant and strong, stainless materials from the USA - it can stand up to wear and tear. In contrast, other stabilizers are sensitive to scratching, dropping, or parts coming off after heavy use.

Another competitive edge of the StayblCam is waterproof - it’s the only Tik Tok gimbal that can go underwater. Try out your exclusive ideas and stop worrying about rust or damage to the StayblCam - your fantastic Tik Tok gimbal. 

The Shake-Killer

A teenage girl dances and shoots a video | The Shake-Killer | The Top Camera Stabilizer for Filming Tik Tok Videos

Nothing worse than a shaky video, especially on a highly competitive and selective platform like Tik Tok. And jittering videos are nothing uncommon when using smartphones or cameras - no matter how steady and stable you try holding your phone gimbal stabilizer. The StayblCam solves this issue once and for all.

Many gimbals have problems with their controls: the grip is jerky and hard to move, too many buttons (battery-run), prone to dropping and shaking, etc. 

The firm grip of the StayblCam is an excellent gimbal stabilizer for phones in its own right. It can be manually controlled using the gyroscopic grip action handle, with just your thumb and index finger. The well-designed grip makes it very easy to take your ideal shots without worrying about shaky movements or dropping your phone. 

Record your incredible Tik Tok videos with the StayblCam!



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