StayblCam in the News
StayblCam in the News

The StayblCam quickly gained attention in international press and media even a couple of months before the very successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. You can order the StayblCam here).

Stuff Magazine, June 2014

News92 FM Radio, Houston TX

Kingston Herald, May 2014
With its revolutionary design, portability, ease of use, and affordable price tag - the StayblCam promises to deliver smooth and professional looking video to the masses.
[the] StayblCam is a nifty and compact video stabilizer that supports every phone and compact video camera (like the GoPro Hero) under the sun. It does so by featuring a standard 1/4″ mount and thanks to its unique telescoping design allows you to shoot videos from 1 inch off the ground to 3 feet above your head.
The StayblCam looks like it could become a hit among vloggers, amateur videographers, or even just the average guy or gal like you and me – looking for ways to improve their video quality on a budget.
Short of spending top dollar for large video stabilization systems… there aren’t a ton of options available. That is about to change as a new video stabilizer, the StayblCam, is about to hit the market.
For pro bloggers, Vine-enthusiasts, HD connoisseurs, and more, you can now shoot professional looking and smooth videos. Say goodbye to jittery video! The StayblCam is also easy to operate with one hand – simply hold the StayblCam in any hand position you want, as it is light weight and easy to maneuver. By utilizing the counter-balancing weight, you HD device delivers optimal video every time.
StayblCam tackles the common problem of jittering video that can be caused by unsteady, shaky hands as well as the difficulty in getting a smooth recording when the camera is moved around. It can significantly improve video stabilization for iPhone, smart phones, and compact action cameras like the popular GoPro
This might be as close as you will get to having a steadicam for your GoPro (or iPhone for that matter), without worrying about counterbalancing weights or adjusting any screws or rails.
The StayblCam, an alternative Steadicam for GoPro and smartphones, however – was created for the average consumer, with a price-tag to match. Simple to use, with an eye-catching design, and a collapsible, umbrella-like format – the device is portable and convenient to take along anywhere.
Weighted at one end, gimballed in the middle and with attachments for camphone, tripod mount or GoPro, it counteracts the wobbly world and weebly you for a rock-steady view.
[the] StayblCam is a stylish and solid video stabilizer that supports almost every smartphone and compact video camera (such as GoPro) on earth. ......thanks to its unique telescoping design allows you to shoot videos from 1 inch off the ground to 3 feet above your head. This gives you a lot of flexibility in different circumstances and doesn’t limit your creativity. .