How to Make the Best Travel Videos Using a Gimbal

by StayblCam Team September 23, 2020

Traveling to a new place is a wonderful experience, and after a great trip, you would love to share your memories with other people. Sometimes telling people about it isn’t enough; you want to show them exactly what you do during the trip. The way you can do it is with the immersive pictures and travel videos you took. What better way to make an excellent interactive and inspiring travel video than using a Gimbal!


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  2. Follow Shots
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  4. The Golden Moments
  5. Plan Your Shot In Advance  

Who Wants to Create Quality Travel Videos?

You want to capture the whole experience during your trip, but you don’t want them to be only pictures. Shooting a video is extremely difficult, as the camera can be very shaky when you move around. The simplest way to solve this problem is to get yourself a gimbal and shoot the best moving shots for your travel videos.  

Slider Shots

Slider shots are those that include movement such as side to side, in and out, or a rotation shot. You make it by circling your subject and with them in the center as much as possible. 

A gimbal has the adaptability to create fluid movement allowing you to follow your subject any way you want. Meanwhile, you won’t get the same effect when you shoot it using a Steadicam as the shot will be excessively shaky. 

Follow Shots 

Tourist with backpack during travel and  holding a stabilizer gimbal with smart phone | Follow Shots | How to Make the Best Travel Videos Using a Gimbal

In travel videos, you usually see images that follow behind a person as he/she moves around. These shots give you the effect as if you are the one following that person in the video. To give this immersive experience, the videographer needs to use the technique called a “follow shot,” which can be extremely hard if not for the help of a gimbal. 

To create this technique, you might want to hold the camera aligned with your eye line to create the effect. Carefully and steadily move after the subject, remember one step at a time and be aware of your surroundings. You don’t want to trip over a rock, hurt yourself, damage your equipment, or even reshoot the travel video again. 

From Low to High Shot

a videographer with camera on gimbal stabilizer | From Low to High Shot | How to Make the Best Travel Videos Using a Gimbal

Another typical easy-to-do video is low to high shot. It’s very useful for creating dramatic effects when presenting some majestic scenery in the background. With the combination of low to high shot, over-shoulder, and the wide-angle shot, you can make a fantastic sequence in your video. 

The Golden Moments 

If you are filming travel videos, lighting can make a huge difference when catching the essence and atmosphere of your location. Timing is everything. There are 2 times a day when you can capture the most beautiful moments with the natural sunlight, right after dawn and right before dusk. 

The light compliments the beauty of the scenery by adding the contrast of light and dark into it. You can witness this no matter where you are. Especially if you are at the beach or someplace that gives you a field of vision, the beauty is increased tenfold in your videos. 

However, you need to know the angle to shoot for the best lighting for your video; otherwise, you are going to end up having a looming shadow covering your face. Throughout the day, it will be different at various times, so you have plenty of time to choose the best spot for you to get that perfect over-shoulder shot. 

Planning Your Shot in Advance

Before shooting, you might need to plan ahead and write a script to keep track of what you’re going to do next. Things can be very overwhelming when you start filming, and they’re going to be all over the place if something goes wrong and you don’t know what to do. 

A Gimbal is a useful tool that helps you make better travel videos, and it’s easy to use. Some angles are impossible to get right if you don’t have a gimbal to help you. A gimbal is adaptive, so you will be able to prepare your second shot right when you finish the first shot. This helps you to create a more fluent and continuous effect to the clip. 

Ask yourself these questions while planning your video; this will help you a lot when you have too many ideas and don’t know how to implement them. Are you going to speak in the video? What kind of clothes are you wearing? Where are you going? How are you going to present the place in the video? What shot do I need to use a gimbal? 

The best travel videos are the ones that succeed in giving you the best immersive experience to the viewers when watching them. So next time you want to up your travel video game, try using a gimbal to help you out.


StayblCam Team
StayblCam Team


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